About Us

hi, this is meHi, I’m Cedrick Ellis a retired builder with over 45 years in depth knowledge of the building trade and countless partners and associates still trading to this day. I was a trusted member of Check a Trade for our 6 years, a time served member of the Federation of Master Builders and a Which Trusted Trader. I retired from the building trade age 66 when my back finally packed in on me. With my sons well and truly on the Internet computer game there was  nobody to pass my building business down to and as such Cederick Ellis Closed it’s doors in January 2014.

I started this website for 2 reasons:

1: To help homeowners as well as business proprietors in their building projects – Whilst I am these days unable to complete work myself I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience which will prove beneficial to young homeowners embarking on renovating their first home, a growing family seeking more space through conversion or extension, a business owner needing to sound proof their office space. No matter the project, it’s fair to say that I have been around the block and have a wealth of knowledge which I hope will be useful to anybody out there who needs more information about their specific building job.

2: To help quality tradesmen gain new customers –  I had some great times in business with lots of work coming in ( more than I could handle at many times) but I had some bad times too, when I struggled to meet the mortgage payments and was praying for a customer too call. With so much competition in many of the home improvement industries throughout the UK. I’ll be using my website to recommend and endorse quality tradesmen, either people I have worked with in the past  or if your a good quality tradesman with a proven track record and an excellent reputation contact me and I’ll be happy to give you a mention. If you have some useful advice for today’s homeowners about a subject you are passionate about and could help with simply contact me today.