Nov 2, 2016

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Refurbishing Your Home With a New Staircase

Considering a staircase renovation?

Whilst a staircase is a key feature in almost any home, its potential for design impact is frequently overlooked in older properties. With so many brilliant ideas and eye-catching solutions available these days it’s worth considering an update after a renovation or hallway redecoration.

Fees begin at around £200, dependant upon the materials and design, but you can spend as much as £30,000 on a bespoke design in high quality finishes. Providing the staircase is structurally sound, it is usually more cost-effective to makeover the already present steps and balustrading.

Recladding the stairs in timber costs from about £500 with a company such as Complete Joinery Solutions, who specialise in Wooden staircases in Newcastle while new spindles are as low as £3 each. Hiring a business for a total refurbishment service costs from approximately £2,000.

DIY staircases

Complement timber flooring in a classic interior by cladding your older staircase in natural oak. Staircase Kits, such as those supplied by companies Like Chiltern Timber help you transform the steps and risers by lightly sanding the surface, then glueing and screwing 20mm thick wooden strips on top. You can finish and seal the oak to match the floors, walls or furniture in your house.

diy staircases

Adding a light staircase

If your hallway is narrow with few openings, or your staircase is a natural part of an open-plan living space, dark wood steps and spindles will block the flow of light, making the area really feel gloomier than it really should be.

With glass panels designed to let the light shine through, in addition to white oak for a vivid and contemporary feel, this staircase is ideal to replace a heavy, outdated style.

adding a light staircase


Floating staircases

Make a striking impact with a cantilevered staircase, where the treads look as if they’re defying gravity but are in reality completely supported by the wall on one side.

This brand of staircase may be fitted into an older house during a renovation and needs a structurally sound wall to conceal the support construction; alternatively, a steel wall can be built to anchor the treads. Finishes for the steps include timber, stone, Corian or even glass, for an awe-inspiring minimalist look.

open plan living staircases

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